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by Vasyl Melnychuk

Hacking non-public API: The easy way

Last time i was talking about how to figure out what endpoints iOS application uses without jailbreak with data cable and Wireshark.

But yesterday i have figured out, that this is not the easiest way to do this. After googling around a bit - i've found application called mitproxy. This application acts as a proxy, so all you have to do is to start an application and configure your phone to use your computer ip address as proxy (default port is 8080).

Hacking non-public API

Recently i have started to search a house or flat for a rent. In my city real estate agents took monthly cost for their service.
It's not a big deal if it can be called SERVICE, but that's not our topic. So there are the brokers and there are the owners. Owners, usually, post vacant place on the classifieds website, and here we are near our main topic.

The classifieds website have no public API, but have mobile app. So let's hack it!

On Android there's no problem to install package s...